After a hiatus, the New Mexico Council of Teachers of English has reinstated its affiliation with the National Council of Teachers of English.  Educators from around the state met on March 11 to approve the bylaws drafted over the course of several months.  The affiliate was approved by NCTE in April of 2017.  

2018-2019 Executive Committee members are listed below.

If you are interested in serving in any capacity, please contact the executive committee at NMCouncilTeachersofEnglish@gmail.com.

Lisa Harmon-Martinez (lisa.harmon@aps.edu)

Executive Committee Chair

Michelle Jewett (mjewett1@cnm.edu)

NMCTE Affiliate Liaison Officer

Maria Ladd (ladd_m@aps.edu)

Conference Committee Chair

Alfredo Lujan (alfredo_lujan@breadnet.middlebury.edu)

NCTE Liaison

David Puthoff

Conference Program Development

Mary Rice (maryrice@unm.edu)

New Mexico English Journal Editor

Eli Henley (e.hen@kleinco.org)

Webmaster and Communications